I accidentally send my polygon USDT to a quite similar address

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Recently, I have some stuffs to do with polygon chain. I transfer my polygon usdt from MetaMask to binance wallet many times . And lately I noticed this, whenever I send my usdt polygon from MetaMask to my binance wallet, It always automatically generate another TX on the network which my usdt goes into a address that looks quite similar to my original one but not exactly the same. Here is how it looks

As you can see my binance wallet address starts with 0xF7… and ends with … Bc55012. The other one which I circled also end with bc55012 but it starts with 0x6d… Can anyone please explain to me what is this address(0x6d…) and why that kind of transactions generated? Is that a network pratice or that’s how binance works with every layer2 network transaction ?

And there is nothing to talk about until this morning, when I accidentally sent my usdt to that wrong address(I copied the wrong one cause they look similar). The fund never comes to my binance wallet. And when I check on that similar address, it still show that my fund is in it . Is there any way that I can take it back or access to that address ?

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hey. I just did a test with my own wallet, and it only has the tx that I operate.
But I checked other addresses that transferred USDT at the same time as you, and they had similar situations.

The following is just my guess.
You may have interacted with an insecure protocol. It tracks your transfers, generates new addresses that are very similar to yours, and then sends worthless tokens that look like USDT from your own address.
Since the addresses are very similar, you may accidentally copy these scam addresses and transfer your tokens to them. :neutral_face:

This is just a guess. Because it cannot explain why the protocol does not steal your token directly, does it not have the relevant permissions? :thinking:


Contact the support team as follows, they have more experience.

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


Hi @tuya

Thank you for your respond. I think you are right. It might be a new kind of scamming which I was not awared of until now.

Tbh at first I could not understand why scammers can create the transaction in which the sender address is exactly mine but after a while I fingured it out. They actually executed a kind of ‘call transfer function’ transaction from many other addresses included my own address. This transaction can be hosted by scammers address wallet.

This explain why they could not steal my fund directly (cause they actually don’t have access to my MetaMask wallet) but fake the transaction which sent from my address to binance wallet. They just made it look real on the network. Users could not tell the difference until they actually click on the TX


What an effective trick, i’ve gotta say :smiling_face_with_tear: I fell right into their trap without knowing it. Anyway I kind of accept the fact that i have completely lost my fund. But I’ve learnt some lessons though

In the meanwhile, binance officially rejected my ticket support with reason ’ The destination address on the blockchain was different from your deposit address ’ . :rofl: They did the right thing LOL

Now everything is clear. I want to share my experience so that others don’t get scammed just like me

Thank you for your time. Good day

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Unbelievable such a scam.

They actually executed a kind of ‘call transfer function’ transaction from many other addresses included my own address.

I haven’t heard of this ‘call transfer function’. I did see your tx details yesterday, and I don’t understand how it works. :neutral_face:

Do you know how it came about? Is it because of unsafe protocols being approved? If these approvals are not revoked, it may keep mimicking your transactions.

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Yes highly chance that is the reason. Since I connected to too many different dAPP and protocol, I think I need to spend sometime to detect and revoke all the suspicious one from my wallet

Here is the TX the scammer make, you can take a look anytime to understand how it works. This is kind of new one to me :rofl:


They actually mimicking every of my moves on the blockchain LOL
They must have some kind of tools or bot to automatically do this I suppose

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