I am lose my tokens before staking. Help me PLEASE

good afternoon. I have deposited my $LSTN tokens into a stake on site listentoken/. I was able to get a reward at the end of the staking, but I could not collect the main amount, because there were not enough funds for gas. after an unsuccessful transaction, I lost the tokens $LSTN ~1576, please tell me how to return them

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I’m sorry I can’t help you

I don’t know if listentoken has some support, but maybe you can ask them if your token is still on the there system ?


Yes, thank you. I’m trying to figure out how to contact their support right now…do you know if there could have been a failure due to a lack of gas during swap, and my tokens were stuck somewhere in the metamask system?

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I don’t know anything about LSTN but I guess you can’t find them in your metamask, right?

I can’t figure out if it is possible to add this token to Metamask. Looking at coingecko which it the website I use to import tokens, I can’t find lstn. You need to add the token first before you can see it in your Metamask wallet.

Maybe you can take a look at the network the token use. I think it uses bscscan(.)com so if you check your Metamask address there, you will be able to see if you lstn is in your wallet or not.


I checked in bscscan, there is no such transaction there, and I have coins added to the metamask. there is a distribution from lauchpool with ido. I now understand that it is necessary to talk to listentoken, so if bscscan does not have this transaction, then apparently they have them left in the system

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If the txn failed, your tokens shouldn’t have moved anywhere. They should still be in the staking contract.

Typically when tokens are staked you wont see them in your Metamask wallet. You’ll have to navigate to the staking site you used originally. Im not familiar with this project, but was it this site? http://staketoken.listentoken.com/ - If that’s the right one, once your wallet is connected, you should be able to manage your staking. It looks like their help link isnt working at the moment. Be really careful about contacting support off of a projects main site. Scammers will often pose as support.

DONT GIVE OUT YOUR SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE (sometimes called a “Seed Phrase”)

Looks like they’re on the BNB smart chain, so you’ll most likely need BNB to pay transaction fees.
A txn hash would help look into the specifics of what happened.


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