I am not able to login into WordPress from Metamask Mobile Browser

Describe the bug I am not able to login into WordPress from Metamask Mobile Browser.

This works on other wallets like trustwallet, and other browsers like Chrome in mobile, but is not working on Metamask mobile.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to Metamask mobile, on Android
  2. Click on Browser
  3. Navigate to any wordpress site
  4. Login with username and password
  5. You are returned to the same login page

Expected behavior This url should login you and show the WP Dashboard.

This is fresh wordpress install with no extra themes or plugins.


Hi MacFly -

Would you be willing to share the following info?

MetaMask version

Browser version

Operating System



Hi KBee,

Thanks for you quick answer. See after the informations requested

  • Metamask mobile V5.0.1 (877)
  • The browser is the Metamask’s browser
  • Samsung S10+ (SM-G975F)
  • Version Android 12

For information i don’t have the problem with

  • Trustwallet
  • Cipher
  • Wallet (Coinbase)

To reproduce, it’s very easy. With Metamask mobile , try to login an user to a wordpress website, you won’t be connected to the account


Thanks for all the info. Assuming you have your secret recovery phrase written down and know it works all good, would you be willing to try uninstalling/reinstalling MM app and see if it works?

If you don’t have everything above, lemme know. Thanks!



I did it (uninstalling/reinstalling MM app) but it still not working

Did you try from your side with a wordpress website ?

I could give you my website url but i can’ t here :wink:

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Hi there im having the exact same issue. I can log in everywhere else no issues. But android metamask browser wont let me log into my wordpress site. It just refreshes and does nothing.


Thanks @realnoodles for your feedback. I Hope it will help @KBeeTheCapybara to solve this issue.

Hope the metamask team will find a solution :+1:

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Have any specific sites that have are having this issue, so we can have the Developers/Tech support look into it further? We don’t have one setup to test with currently, and it would be faster than setting one up that may or may not even have the same behaviors.


thanks for your answer.

You can try on the french-ico dot com website for example


I’m able to connect. Are you getting the notification from the Metamask window? (the blue “1” on the Metamask Icon) Might also try unlocking your wallet, then refreshing the page, and see if it will connect correctly then.

It wasn’t popping open for me until I clicked the Metamask icon.

Browsed through the NFT collections, and was able to get connected there as well. Was there another part of the site that wasn’t working for you? I have some other people checking into it, to see if they are able to reproduce the behavior.

Account View:


Thanks @HiroProtagonist

Do the same test with Metamask Mobile. As you see it’s working well on desktop but it’s impossible to login to your wordpress account on Metamask Mobile

It’s working well on all the others apps (trustwallet, cypher, Opera Mobile…) but not with Metamask.

It’s the same problem with all the wordpress website. All are working well on desktop but not with metamask mobile


I’m sorry. You said all of that in your first post.

I was able to connect to the NFT market place and the swap features through the wallet connect link (though no Metamask link appeared for me)

Trying to log in to my test account got to the confirmation window (“Success, you can close this window” went too quickly to get the Screenshot) but it doesn’t look like its actually connecting.

Chatting with the team to see who is more familiar with the backend, and might be able to take a look.


Thank @HiroProtagonist

I repeat but the problem is not to connect the wallet to metamask but login a user to wordpress with metamask mobile

Try to login youself by click on the login button.

The problem is only on metamask and not on others apps like cypher, opera mobile, trust wallet… it’s so bad that it’s not working with metamask mobile ! isn’t it ?

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Not sure how that posted. Was still working on the post, when meetings interrupted.
Sorry about the confusion.

Im also unable to login to the user dashboard. The first time it totally broke the metamask browser. closed the app and relaunched. Was able to get it to load the screen up to the point of saying “success” but it doesnt actually connect, or load any of the dashboard info.

I’m chatting with the team about the root cause of this issue. There is a fix for a similar behavior coming soon, we want to make sure it addresses this issue as well.


Thanks a lot. I waiting the solution :+1:
Let me know please


Hello @HiroProtagonist

Do you have news from the metamask’s team ?

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Hey sorry for the delay, there was a few changes in the backend for how dapps are called.
As far as I’m aware, this should have been corrected. Is this still an issue?

If it’s still occuring, try this:
From Android settings , search ‘default’ and select "Choose Default apps’ > “Choose Default apps” > Opening Links > scroll down to MetaMask and tap it > Supported Web addresses > check if links are selected or “verified/trusted” by default (most importantly metamask.app.link)


Thanks for your feedback but yes this issue is still occuring and i’m an issue for all the Dapps working with WordPress.

I repeat there is no problem with all the web3 wallet (cypher, trustwallet…) But only with metamask.

I did the Android setting modification but it didn’t solve the problème.

Please let us know. At your disposal if you need more info to help you

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Yes, it’s an issue. With the mobile MetaMask web browser on Android it’s impossible to login not only to WordPress, but also to a completely different authentication system on Laravel. After clicking login button, the login screen just reloads on both WordPress and Laravel.

Meanwhile, in the mobile app Coinbase Wallet web browser, everything works as expected.


Probably related to the #4588 issue on GitHub ‘MetaMask-mobile’