I create a 2nd matic wallet but its not showing on the browser

I create a 2nd Matic wallet in my MetaMask (I need 2, bc 2 laptops) I sent Matic tokens to this new Matic address, but in one Matamask extension shows me "We had trouble loading your token balances. You can view them " but in the 2nd laptop extension shows just the 1rst Matic address, not the new one, BUT in my phone the tokens are there.

I need to use the entention in the browser, please help!!!

Thank you!!

Hello @cefego, welcome to the MetaMask community,

The following post can help you when the balance of your tokens is incorrect.

Seems like you have created 2 accounts in your MetaMask wallet. After restoring with Secret Recovery Phrase, you need to create the account again and the missing account will appear (the same way that you did in your first wallet). Please refer to the following post in this regard.

Let us know how it goes and in case you need further assistance.

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