I know gas fees can be high, but $250 for a $400 swap?

I was attempting to do a simple WETH to alt coin swap. had roughly $440 in WETH to swap, but no matter what I did with slippage or custom/non-custom GAS fees, I kept getting quotes that would cost $200-265 in gas fees!! with the current GAS fee for high at only 45, that’s insane. I could NOT fitgure out how to change it. Advanced settings has max gas fee, but it wouldn’t let me set it below 1650000!!

Tried another one (can’t post image so I’ll post details):
Swapping .013213086 WETH (About $43) for 40092.885 ALT COIN. Price seems appropriate.
Using the best quote: Estimated Network fee of 0.02561 ETH or $82.94
with a MAX Network fee of .095 ETH or $307.61…

So on Metamask, I have to PAY $307.61 + $82.94 ($390.55) to swap $43 worth of WETH for an ALT COIN?? WHAT?

For the record, I didn’t use Metamask for my first swap at the top of this post. I went to Uniswap, where it cost me a whopping $15.86 to swap $440 WETH for this alt coin. If I weren’t paying attention I would have just thrown away $400 on a $40 swap??

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it and hook it up.

Hi, I didn’t submit my order b/c of the high max gas fees. This was a quote.