I lost my funds by using different chain


my name is Abdulaziz Hamed

I sent an amount of 2000 USDT from my metamask wallet to coinlist, by mistake I used smartchain network instead of Eth.
whats the solution? how can i get it back

please help

I hope you get back to me, thank you

Hi, @drazizhamed Welcome to the Metamask community.
Have you had a chance to contract coinlist support? And see if they support the BSC network?
We are not familiar with this, and it is best to check with them.
Are you able to see the transaction as confirm on a block explorer like bscscan?

Due to the immutable nature of blockchains, it is impossible to revert a transaction.
The other solution is to import your coinlist wallet to Metamask and add on the BSC network to interact with the balance on this account in BSC.

I sent to coin list, they don’t support BSC chain.
I CAN see the transaction as confirmed on BSCSCAN, but I cannot see it on coinlist,

I sent my USDT from metamask by BSC to coinlist USDT wallet