I sent USDT on Smart chain to a custodial erc20 wallet

I accidentally sent USDT in my MM Smart Chain wallet to a custodial ERC20 USDT wallet at an Exchange. So it’s gone but not received The ERC20 wallet exchange does nor support Smart Chain and cannot help. Is there anyway of getting my tokens back?

Hi @Chris17 welcome to Metamask community forum!
There is an ambiguity in your question. Would you kindly elaborate on that?
Have you transferred USDT from your exchange wallet to Metamask or vice versa?
If you transferred funds from an exchange wallet to your Metamask wallet, you can easily change the network in your Metamask wallet.

However, if you sent funds from your MM wallet to an Exchange wallet, you must contact the exchange’s support team for assistance.

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Hi procrypto, My apologies for any ambiguity. The transfer was from a MM wallet to an exchange. The MM wallet was smart chain that had USDT token in it. I simply sent the usdt to an exchange wallet which is a ERC20 wallet. I didn’t realise until I looked on Blockscan (BSCScan) that the USDT was in fact a Busd-T token not a standard ERC20 USDT token.

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Thank you for clarity, you should contact the support of that exchange and they will assist you. Perhaps they will require transaction hash of the transaction and some other proof to verify the transaction.

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Yea, I’ve spoken to them - I sent them the Transaction hash. As their exchange does not support the Binance Chain they cannot do anything with it they said, unfortunately.

I was hoping something could be done from the MM end.

Hey @Chris17, unfortunately if you have already contacted the exchange there is nothing that can be done. All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and these tokens cannot be retrieved.


Hey @nakedwinnie, Yes. if anything could be done it would have to be from my receiving wallet end. The exchange did say that with considerable time and resources it could be done, but for now it could not.

Thanks for your help anyway.


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