I lost my wallet

I’m fairly new to MetaMask and yesterday I deposited money into my account. later I noticed that I had 2 wallets and had deposited it into the wrong account. when I wanted to send it to my good wallet I had to have a privat key. when I went to look for it in my extension the wallet I had put my money on was not there. than I disconnected that wallet from my dashboard out of fear and reaction and later I could not get in at all, I searched a lot on the internet but when I add wallets to my main wallet, the wallet does not come back this is the address of that wallet : 0xCA2d4976df52b1e9cDF26d1804C336FEeCb7fAfb
my question is can you guys help me get this wallet back?


hi @user41 .
You can’t access this 0x…fAfb wallet now, right?
How was this wallet created, do you remember?
If it was added based on another wallet, you can restore it with your seed phrase. Try the following.


If it was created with another seed phrase, you need to restore it using that seed phrase or private key.

When we create a new wallet, the most important thing to do is to back up its seed phrase and private key.


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