Where is my Original Wallet after new installation? :-(

I did a fresh install of MetaMask yesterday and it gave me a new wallet after I imported it with a 12 word security phrase. Unfortunately I can’t import my original wallet because I don’t have a private key. In the metadesk portfolio i see the old original wallet adres but we no funds :frowning: I can not import this adres to metadesk.
WTF?? How can i import my original wallet adress :frowning: Thanks


Hi @JimmyRay and welcome to the MetaMask community,
Before restoring your wallet yesterday, did you happen to have multiple accounts like Account1, Account2 etc?
I am asking because when you restore your wallet using its Secret Recovery Phrase only the default account, like Account1, will be restored automatically first. So if you had multiple accounts created under the same Secret Recovery Phrase, after the restore you simply need to add them back by clicking Create Account until all of them show up.

You can check this article also for the same issue:


Hi friend @JimmyRay Welcome to the MetaMask community forums.
Any addresses connected to the 12 word recovery phrase you imported will be available if you simply “add accounts” as Urban.Moods already mentioned :smiley:
However, private keys that were imported to your “previous” wallet won’t be recovered with the seed phrase you have, as they are a part of another seed phrase. Hope that makes sense.

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@JimmyRay on your original wallet, did you import an account originally?

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no, but at my last login yesterday, i changed my password with secure phrase, and from then i can’t connect to pancakeswap with my original adress anymore.

Is there a possibility to search the private key??

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If you never imported another account, all your accounts will restore under your original Secret Recovery Phrase.

Did you try hitting the ‘create account’ option a couple times to see if it restores the account you had funds on? Accounts that were not imported by a private key will appear in same order.

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Check out the options listed in this MetaMask Knowledge Base article :

i created some accounts…but everytime with a different adress. I used the mnemonic-account-generator up to 1000 accounts with my 12 word secret phrase, but my original adress is not there…

Hm, so my guess would be you had an imported account. Did you ever use a hardware wallet, or like an account from another wallet (like Trust, Coinbase, etc.).

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no, yesterday i transferred my cakes tokens from binance and the to pancakeswap…and staked.
Now all my fund are gone…???

Ah, so if you’re staking, those tokens are in a pool and no longer in your wallet. See this Knowledge Base article for more.

Did you happen to receive anything in return for staking like an NFT or LPT?

Are you checking for the actual wallet address in your MetaMask, not just looking for the funds balance.

With above said, you can reach out to our Help Desk. This is where you can provide your address. Let them know that you transferred out for staking. They can walk you through more information. I don’t want to ask for your wallet address here. Even though it’s public and ok to typically share, it can lead to someone trying to social engineer your identity when on public forums.

Nobody will ever ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) including nobody from MetaMask support. Never input it on a site, form, or pop-up window.

You can reach MM support by going to support.metamask.io and choose the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble, answer a few questions and a ticket will be open.


Thank you. I have already contacted the help desk… Waitung for email.
Yes i know that these tokens are in a pool, but normally the staked tokens (after 40 weeks) are going back to my original adress.?? But If I can’t associate the address with pancakeswap, everything will disappear…

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Here are Users with the same problem…wtf… :frowning:

Same thing happened to me and thousands of others. MertaMask will just move the goal posts and blame you for user error or mistaking your 12 word seed recovery key. They’ll never take responsibility and they’ll provide no tangible help.

Please make sure that your Secret Recovery Phrase is the correct phrase for the wallet address you are trying to access.


yea, thats the standard go-to cop out line that MetaMask uses.

ye,,thats useful advice, your money safe is the most important!!!

short update.
So i have my wallet again/account. Was an imported wallet from myetherwallet.
But I was probably hacked. Someone stole my cakes from my wallet. Actually wanted to stake on pankaeswap…very strange…

Are there any transactions out of your wallet that you did not confirm? If there is, it is likely that your wallet has been hacked and the next steps are to contact the support team. Please refer to this post here:

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