Locked my main metamask wallet; imported Coinbase wallet; now I cannot access the MetaMask wallet I locked

I don’t have the private key for the metamask wallet because I remember specifically that set up instructions told me I would need the Recovery Phrase OR private key to recover my wallet. I went with the Recovery Phrase because the private key looked like a headache.

The Recovery Phrase for the Metamask wallet now points to the coinbase wallet.

I locked the metamask wallet, so unsure why this is. Can you guys help me? Feeling swindled by Metamask’s unclear instruction here.

I have tried this article to no avail.

It sounds like the wallet address you are trying to access was initially an imported account, meaning that it was not a part of the same wallet with the same Secret Recovery Phrase that you used.

Imported accounts can be added again with their private key. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Hi Winnie,

I’m not sure if it was imported, but I know I do know i dont have the private key because during set up, the instructions clarified I needed either the Recovery Phrase, OR the private key. So I only wrote down the Recovery Phrase because the private key looked like a headache.

To clarify though, I need to private key of which wallet?

What do we do from here?

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Winnie is there anyway I can share my screen to you, or would me adding screenshots of what I did help?

I guess id like to either Recover my wallet (hoping its possible because the wallet and assets still exist on opensea) or get an answer from you that no, given tech and means we have today its inaccessible, so I can stop worrying.

Sure, you can send screenshots that you think would provide more helpful information.

Importing an account does not remove any of your other accounts. It simply adds another account to your MetaMask wallet, but it is not a part of the same wallet with the same Secret Recovery Phrase because it is an imported account.

What wallet address are you trying to access and where is it from? If it a wallet address from Coinbase wallet then you can recover it with the Secret Recovery Phrase of your Coinbase wallet.

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Winnie, did you see my previous emails including the screenshots?

I have seen the screenshot you have sent with the Secret Recovery Phrase screen to restore your account.

If the Secret Recovery Phrase you have typed in does not show the wallet address you are looking for, it means that the wallet address is a part of another wallet with another Secret Recovery Phrase. Please also make sure you are trying the correct words in the correct order.

Hi @mb9000 MetaMask wallet stores data in your computer.

Try see :point_down: whether you don’t have old MetaMask Vault Data in your computer

Thanks for going through the steps for more clarity.

Locking in and out of your wallet does not require you to input your Secret Recovery Phrase again, you only need to type in your password. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

You have two wallets you are referring to, your MetaMask wallet, and your Coinbase wallet. Both of these wallets have different Secret Recovery Phrase, please make sure you are using the correct Secret Recovery Phrase.

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Still need help? Let me know! I was just able to recover this using some tools but may need a little bit of tlc

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