Can't restore MetaMask on my new laptop

I have a new laptop. I’m trying to restore my account.
I fill in all the fields and select a new password (using my old one).
When I press the Import button, nothing happens, no error, no message.

I can no longer use my wallet.
Please help.

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Hello, have you backed up your private key?

Not yet, how do I do it?

How can I connect to my metamask account with a private key?


Are mnemonic words preserved? You need to use mnemonics or private keys to import your account address into metamask

I’ve done this but it just sits on the Import your existing wallet using a Secret Recovery Phrase page. I also don’t know my private key because I didn’t know it existed outside of my Recovery phrase.

If you don’t remember the private key, you can try the following methods. They may not be useful, but you can try,We must keep the private key so that it can be recovered at any time in case of an accident

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