Metamask is Blank - MacOS and Firefox


My metamask is suddenly blank in both small browser extension popup and full screen as well.

I have the original seed but it only restores 3 out of about 50 accounts on all different EVM networks

mac os x and firefox

i tried to reinstall metamask and a new metamask account works but does not work when i restore my old files

i have the firefox profile files backed up

previous solution from luigi (but it is a windows solution, not mac)

I have seen this thread but can not find the “data” (that looks like below) or salt words in my file named with a number


i opened the sql lite file and in the files table, the number in the sql corresponds to my file number

screenshot attached

anyone that could help direct me where to start looking to resolve so I can get my accounts back ?

thanks in advance

here is the console screenshot

Hi @poppyb ,

Sorry, when you say MetaMask is suddenly blank, do you mean its a white screen?

Also if you have restored your account and it’s only restored 3 of about 50 accounts, you’ll need to click the “+ create account” option in your wallet (over and over) to build back up the accounts you had?.The same accounts will load in the same order you had them. It’s a pain when you reload a wallet to do it but this is the only way. Sometimes you have to also manually add your tokens back in again too - everything will still be under the same addresses though.

Let us know if you are having other issues. Thanks!

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@KBee Hi, thanks for the quick response.

blank meaning completly white. cant see anything in the metamask plugin window, nor when i try it full screen. both white.

i can’t use the plus and add the other accounts because i don’t have the seed phrases for them.

i only have the original seed phrase and I also do know the password to open metamask .

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Your seed phrase restores your entire wallet. Any accounts that were in the same wallet you restored with your seed will load; each account would not have it’s own seed. See this article, it shows pictures on how to load each account again -

Or, are you saying you had 50 different actual wallets, each with their own password and seed phrase?

@KBeeTheCapybara if i add new accounts, they are just empty new accounts

and i can’t import accounts because I don’t have the seeds to the other accounts i created in metamask

i need to find a way to get my old metamask database files back and working.

50 accounts total, some were different seeds.

also most are all non ethereum networks.

got it, so it sounds like you actually had 50 different wallets and not just 50 accounts?

just to be sure I’m following right - if you clicked “+ create account” and created like 3 accounts in the wallet you’re in just for kicks - do any of those addresses loading look familiar (each account will have it’s own address)? They’ll load in the same order your original wallet had them. So like if you only had funds in account #1 and account #20, you’d have to create new wallet until you get back to account 20. It also will generally only load ETH balances and you’d have to import tokens again possibly.

Sorry if you know all this, just sharing in case.

If you had 50 different wallets with their own seed phrase originally, that is another story. Hopefully @Luigi the wizard can help with that one :slight_smile:

Ok got it - so you will need to add back the networks that were non-ethereum, those generally don’t auto load either (some are there by default).

Anything with a different seed is an issue if you don’t have those seed phrases. Hopefully Luigi or someone from the MM team has an idea for those!

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thanks. i did to about 10 and added bsc chain and see some bnb balances.

i think i will start by taking your suggestion and adding 50-60 and add all the networks back and then add all the tokens and see what is there.

also, very concerning on how actually my data got corrupted or why started to not load

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Yea, I’m betting someone like @Luigi or @nakedwinnie might be able to share more insight on the date corruption. Assuming this is falling on Firefox but I am not positive on that (you may know better).

Oh man, get some ice ready for your fingers - that’s a lot of accounts to add!

When the accounts load, you can copy/paste the address that loads and just head to the blockchain explorers like ethereum(dot)io for ethereum mainnet or bscscan(dot)com for Smart Chain, etc (there are others for each networks, which I’m betting you know) and paste in your address in the search bar there to see what tokens are in the wallet.

Again, my apologies if I’m just repeating stuff you know. Just want to make sure you got info that can help.

In recent days, there have been a lot of user feedback on the white screen. It is likely to be a problem with metamask technology. I hope it can attract the attention of the official and check the problem@ nakedwinnie


@poppyb You can easily add networks using the site:

Were your accounts IMPORTED? :point_down:


Here’s the steps to recover the lost vault data.

Dan Finlay built this tool to help recover missing accounts created with “create new account”
Mnemonic Account Generator (will post the detailed instructions on how to use it when I can find it)

For the white screen issue, reach out to our helpdesk: and click the blue “Start a Conversation” button. The bot will ask a few questions then get you connected. This is something we’ve been trying to gather more data on. Let them know that you’re loading in to a white screen, and they’ll grab the info they need to help us pin down what’s causing this issue.


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