I sent ETH from BSC section of my Metamask to the Jaemarkets platform, without releasing I need to send it via Binance Bridge

Hi everybody,

I sent ETH to my account/wallet on jaemarkets, which is a trading platform.
I sold some CAKE and BNB on Pancakeswap and swapped it for ETH.
I then thought because the ETH is in my Metamask wallet(but on Binance Smart Chain side) I could send it directly to the account at said platform. I only read up after the transaction took a long time to reflect, that one should actually send ETH via BSC Bridge?

Now, what I would to figure out is where is my ETH? & is it still recoverable because it hasn’t shown up in my other wallet yet…?

Please, if anybody can help I will be extremely appreciative… Hope it’s not lost.

It would be seriously sad…

Thank you in advance…