I think my account was compromised or hacked!

If you are missing tokens, or believe you are missing tokens, the first thing to do is to check the etherscan page of your account to make sure you are not just experiencing a display issue.

In order to do this, please copy your metamask public address to your clipboard, and paste it in the etherscan.io searchbar. (OR bscscan.com if you are using binance smart chain).

You will see all your token balances here, along with a list of transactions. If you see the tokens you are expecting to have in your dropdown, along with the ETH in the main balance section, then you can open a support ticket and we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue via email, or you can try some of our trouble shooting tips regarding locating tokens, both in the forum here, and in our knowledgebase.

If you see that your tokens are missing on etherscan, and you see unauthorized transactions in your transaction history on etherscan (i.e. sending of tokens out of your address that you did not authorize), please open a support ticket immediately, and provide us with as much detail as possible:

  1. What transactions are unauthorized (etherscan links or the transaction hashes themselves in plaintext)
  2. Any clues you may have as to what happened, or strange web interactions you may have had prior to compromise
  3. Your state logs
  4. results of a scan of token allowances via TAC

Providing more detailed information to us in your initial email helps us to assist in investigating faster and more comprehensively!

My account was hacked too and i thought the telegram support group for metamask is legit and approach the support to assist me to set up my metamask wallet. He did help me but In the end when i transferred some ETH in, it was automatically transferred out. Thereafter the support did not reply anymore. I approached another support in the telegram group and i realise the support was a scam. When i try to warn the rest, they blocked me from the telegram support group. The group is so huge. I don’t know how many will be scam.

Unfortunately there are several fake MetaMask support channels on Telegram, but we do not provide support on that platform. I’m very sorry to hear this happened.

I recommend creating a completely new MetaMask wallet, transferring all of your remaining tokens to the new wallet, and abandoning your compromised wallet.

If you need additional assistance, please let us know.

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Thanks bbharmon, i don’t have any coins in it already. but it does cause me to have second doubts whether should i use metamask and how secured metamask is after this experience.

I think it is important to bring attention to the users that metamask through your legit pages like twitter or facebook to inform the users that metamask do not have an official telegram support group since telegram is a widely used platform.

This will prevent potential new users from falling into scam.

Yes, we do our best to educate our users regarding best security practices and where to find official MetaMask support. Here are a few resources:

Knowledge Base
Post here on our community support forum
Submit a ticket for email support
Twitter: @MetaMaskSupport
Discord (submit a ticket to request an invite)

Best Security Practices:

And as always, securely save and store your seed phrase. NEVER give it to anyone for any reason. We, Support, will never ask for it.

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