[idea] help the users to not get scammer

I’m seeing lots of people getting scammed and having assets stolen from metamask wallet.

People are stupid, don’t read the terms of use, so you metamask, need to be more proactive. How?

Simple. Put a listener in the plugin that detects when the user is pasting or typing the secret phrase anywhere! If the user do that, you popup an scandalous alert with noise red flag and all that, with a huge drastic warning from the fox character, saying something like:

" Hey, it’s me, metamask fox. I’m very angry at you right now!! Are you giving my phrase to anyone!? are you an idiot!? Delete it right now, be noticed that you were about to get scammed !!
Do you want to lose everything in your wallet!? No? So don’t put my phrase anywhere that is connected to the internet ever again ! If you already sent it to the scammer, change your password and pass phrase right now !!"