Import mnemonic/keystore/pkey consistently

Anywhere you can import an account, please consistently allow all three options to restore from mnemonic seed phrase, json keystore file, and private key.

  • On initial setup, you can only import from a mnemonic.
  • The Import Account menu only allows private keys and json keystore files.
  • From the LOCK screen, you used to be able to click “recover account” and enter a mnemonic, but that link seems to be missing in recent builds. IIRC that flow was the only way to enter a mnemonic without a full wipe.

During smart contract development I have tools that generate test and admin wallets in all three of these formats, and it is tedious to jump through logout/lock/reset/import hoops to find the right screen in MM that will take the right form of secret key, and some of these workflows are destructive to the other accounts I’m trying to maintain.