Import Token fails sending USDT from Binance to MM / BSC-USD Peg via BSCSCAN neverending timer (:

Hi … My USDT appears in the MM app … but i can’t add import token part … I import using the Add Token Wallet part of BSCSCAN for BSC-USD Peg but the timer keeps going forever. Frustrating part is I see my $373 but cat access it. Don’t know if its me or i need to be more patient with the BSC network. Can anyone please assist … Luigi are you out there … :slight_smile:


Hi @dhart34 Luigi is not here today :grin: went to feed his cats :cat: :cat2:

2 cats

Try the page:


Luigi … it’s working now. I deleted everything. Reinstalled and it’s working. I probably did a typo error somewhere. tnx.