Import Wallet Fail on Clicking Import

Hey all, So i been having a Weird issue that i cant seem to find answers on other then what i read from last year December,

The Issue is that when i put in my seed phrase to import my MetaMask wallet so i can use it on chrome as i click import it flashes a Orange Circle and then nothing.
however when i put the phrase into my Phone app it loads up no issues.

Ive deleted all data on chrome, Uninstalled and reinstalled both MetaMask and Chrome, restarted computer multiple times. But No Success.
Added another browser downloaded MetaMask onto it and tried and its the same issue(as Per other threads advise.).
Any advice will be appreciated. or should i just chuck out the PC

Hey @Jigsjam ,

Welcome to the MetaMask community :fox_face:. Can you please submit a ticket with our help desk on this one? I beleive getting some information from you will help our Help Desk. To get to support, you can click on ‘Knowledge Base’ on the top right portion of this screen. Once there, click the large blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble on the upper mid-right of page. This will initially connect you with a bot but then will open a ticket with support.

Remember, nobody from support will ever ask you for your secret recovery phrase.



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