Initially doesn't connect anymore

A year or so ago a project reported MetaMask is slow to connect. I guess that was for their specific usage, but now is common, as he described; normally it may take 30 seconds (secs) to open because some blockchains/etc. fail to initially connect (currently one is BSC)… and even stops if you do something in another tab: you’re forced to stay in MetaMask tab 30secs.
       Just login user immediately and connect to blockchains/etc. afterwards: if one’s slow there’s zero reason users should have to wait.
        This isn’t even the worst aspect of the desktop web browser user interface (other threads on that).

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MetaMask’s browser is not like a standalone browser. So you may encounter some issues when using it, but there won’t be anything detrimental to your experience.

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This thread is mainly about desktop web browser addon/extension/plugin. ‘Mobile’ is inaccurate term for ‘portable’ (because cases if someone’s paralyzed neck-down, like famous scientist Dr Stephen Hawking, there’s no ‘mobile’).

Hi @dchmelik , thanks for sharing.

It seems to vary for users. I do not have a slow connection time for sites I connect with, including ones on BSC and other networks.

Are there specific or more detailed examples you can share?

Hello, this situation is caused by the slow PRC node. In case of slow access or inability to connect, please change the active PRC node. Your problem can be solved. You can select an active node at chainlist。org. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Proper/standard writing is define acronyms before usage; I don’t know what PRC is, and nothing but password should be requirement to instantly login.
        The problem is only with certain blockchains/etc.; if I’m on ETH and logout, next time it reconnects instantly. I’f I’m on BSC it initially doesn’t reconnect though I can connect to BSC (instantly) later.

You can try to delete the original network first, and then add an active custom network again, which should solve the problem. :melting_face:


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