Wallet Connect performance issue

We are developing native apps and MetaMask is the top integration priority. We use Wallet Connect to communicate with MetaMask.

It works fine most of the time. We can connect, sign, and send transactions.

However, the performance is very strange. When we launch MetaMask wallet (either by QR code or deep link), sometimes it shows the connection prompt right away, sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds.

We have been trying to find the cause. We have even deployed our own WC bridge server, but the server does not seem to make an impact. We added logging code to WC bridge server and found it establishes connection within milliseconds.

This happens with Wallet Connect connection with desktop web app too.

So this becomes an interesting investigation and we would like some help. Can you investigate whether MetaMask connects to WC bridge server immediately after scanning the WC QR code?

Thanks and really appreciate it.