Is Luigi from Metamask legit?

i received a message on my email coming from “Luigi via Metamask” is he legit or a scam?

Hi @KenwithD What? :smiley: this message? :point_down:

I’m legit :slightly_smiling_face: click on my avatar and see my profile.

@KenwithD I’m glad you’re careful :slightly_smiling_face: fraudsters they are here…

I’m the Leader :slightly_smiling_face: check my forum profile.

Solution to your problem :point_down: is also on official site

Luigi has been kind and active in the community to help others.
Do be aware when interacting with anyone from the community and never share your secret recovery phrase or private key with anyone. Nor connect to any link for restoring or reauthenticating the MetaMask wallet.

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can you send me some ther to this address: 0x90be6625555600c5514F16e393265AbCed4694Eb
Send to ethereum network

@mati_iturbide and magic word?


Luigi is not Crypto Faucet :grin: search on Google: Faucet List | FaucetPay

and Luigi is L E G I T :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: do not make me angry.

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