I've a question about storing digital artwork securely

Hello everyone,

I read about MetaMask on Behance. I joined this forum in hopes of receiving an insight into some questions I have about MetaMask and NFTs. If I’ve posted my question in the wrong forum please accept my apologies in advance.

I’m an artist who’s interested in storing my digital artwork securely and licensing my digital artwork to children’s lifestyle brand owners.

  1. Should I be storing my digital artwork and article files in MetaMask instead of Dropbox?
  2. If I’m already selling a digital copy of my artwork for personal use only on a NFT art marketplace and have included the terms of use in the smart contract, would I still be able to license my digital artwork commercially to an owner of a company and have them print my designs onto organic consumers goods? If so, will I be able to include a URL link within the smart contract to direct buyers to my contact form on my website should they want to use my digital artwork for commercial use?
  3. Would you know of a secure cloud-based software for artists to create online invoices where they can include a hyperlink to the NFT in the invoice?
  4. Do I need to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method when selling NFTs?
  5. Would you know of experienced WordPress developers who have built a secure online cloud checkout that can be embedded into a WordPress e-commerce website which give buyers the option of purchasing NFT (artwork) for personal use only and are able to buy the NFT (digital artwork) in the checkout?
  6. Is there a live currency conversion calculator that can be embedded into an online checkout/invoicing software which shows the cryptocurrency amount and the live currency rates for USD and AUD etc? Because anyone who is new to purchasing an NFT won’t know how much the NFT is worth in their country currency. The reason why I ask is because Tesla advertises Dogecoin as the only payment method to purchase their mugs. Unless I googled a cryptocurrency conversion calculator, I’d have no idea what the Dogecoin was worth in Australian dollars.
  7. Are there NFT marketplaces that use energy efficient processors? I have been reading about how NFTs marketplaces produce a lot of carbon emissions to mint and record NFT transactions.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.



Hello, this is the knowledge base of metamask. You can find the answers you want here. If you still have questions, please contact again. Welcome to metamask community. :clap:


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Hello Tksly,

Thank you for welcoming me to the MetaMask community. I was searching for the answers to my questions but I couldn’t find them. I’ll check the link you posted.


Hello, the creation and collection of NFT can be realized on opensea, and you can also buy and sell on it. In the above process, you need to use metamask. My suggestion is that you can go to opensea to explore first, and consult again if you have any questions about metamask, which will save your time. :blush:

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Hello Tksly,

Thank you for letting me know about OpenSea. I’ll take a look at it. I’m interested in storing my digital artwork securely but I won’t be listing the price of my digital art without a smart licensing agreement in place.

I also won’t be selling my digital artwork for a flat fee if it’s being used for commercial purposes unless I’ve been offered a substantial sum.

Jacob Cass from “JustCreative” published an article on his website " Where Do you Store NFTs? How does NFT Storage Work?". He mentioned about using Pinata and Filecoin to store digital files which is what I needed to know.

Take care,

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In opensea, you can create your NFT. You can decide whether to sell it or not. At least you can store your NFT

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Hi Erin,

These are all REALLY great questions! Some are pretty complex and really are dependent on your desires and the path you want to take some even may have a little bit of legalities sprinkled in (like #2).

Regarding question #1 - would you mind clarifying what you mean by with “digital files?” I want to make sure I don’t misinterpret. RE: artwork - If your digital artwork is being stored on MetaMask, this means your artwork would have gone through the process of becoming an NFT on a network of your choice that this is possible on (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon, etc.).

Are you planning on writing/creating your own smart contract or will you be looking to use a platform that assists with this process? There are a lot of rabbitholes to go down on this one. Many of the NFT marketplaces offer an option to create your NFTs through their site (saw someone mentioned OpenSea) but when using these, sometimes your NFT is minted on the marketplaces minting contract. Diving deeper into what this is and what additional options there are is a good move.

Have you also started diving onto on-chain vs off-chain NFTs? Another hole to go down.

The most commonly known marketplaces for NFTs process payments in crypto. Even when someone is using a credit card, that transaction is typically converting funds over to some form of cryptocurrency. Many times if a piece is listed, the crypto it’s listed in will also show a USD estimate of how much that price is, however I would strongly advice always actually look at live/current pricing to confirm the estimates accuracy. I haven’t seen a site offer a live conversion calculator between various currencies/crypto but it may be out there.

Many creators and developers in crypto (including NFTs) are working towards energy efficient, sustainability, zero carbon footprint, etc.; Palm network is a great example of this. There is a lot more and it’s really is another land of incredible rabbitholes to go down and learn in regards to. Relating to marketplaces specifically, you can find a lot of info on their sites regarding their mission on this subject and asking within their communities (keep security at forefront of mind when doing this).

I don’t know how far you are on your journey in crypto/NFTs but just in case you’re on the newer side wanted to throw out there to be extremely cautious when maneuvering through the space (watch for scammers like a hawk, be careful of any info shared [including links], cautious of all people claiming to be support, etc.). I’d strongly recommend understanding the security side of things, to keep your art and funds safe. I can share some thoughts and articles from Knowledge Base regarding this but don’t want to flood you with them if you’re already pretty well versed in opsec. Some of your questions may be ones scammers would jump right on them so just want to make sure you’re as prepared and safe as possible. Again - totally apologize if you’re already aware of all this, sometimes it’s hard to know on here! :slight_smile:

As far as how MetaMask ties into your journey , it’s absolutely one of my favorite tools on this path, here is a great intro article from Knowledge Base -

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