JMPT withdrawn from CELO in Metamask not visible

I have used this Contract Address for CELO : 0x1d18d0386f51ab03e7e84e71bda1681eba865f1f
My address which I enter in the CELO explorer: 0x4b8F041652BBda6Ab328C7cf3806efCd31DfDA7B

I have manually added the network, but still the JMPT is not visible in the MetaMask wallet. I have also referred few videos on YouTube but still no success.
Is this a scan or will I be actually able to get it.

If anyone can help me urgently, I will be grateful.

It looks like the tokens have been imported but are showing 0. Are you connected to the right address though? Because the first a screenshot is showing an address that ends with …736C and your address is 0x4b8F041652BBda6Ab328C7cf3806efCd31DfDA7B

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I am not getting it. What should I exactly do? Could you please guide me.

Is my contract address correct? Also where should I put the address that you are mentioning?

As 2cu4 said, the wallet address you are currently opening is not 0x…DA7B

You just need to switch to this address to find your token.


I am getting this error. How can I add the address?

Check if there are any extra spaces before and after your private key.

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There are no spaces. It is correct so what can I do now

The length of an Ethereum private key is 64 characters.
Do not show this information to anyone.

You don’t use account 1 and account 2… 3, 4 :point_down:

Or you haven’t reinstalled the MetaMask wallet recently?


My wallet address is correct and still it is showing that it is incorrect and there is no other option to add / import account. When I click add account randomly an account is created which I don’t want

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