Withdrawal made from JMPT through Celo didn't show up in metamask

Hello friends
Recently, I withdrew from Jumptask using Celo, it’s about 5 dollars, and I can’t see my wallet being updated. MetaMask still shows my previous balance. Is there a way to fix this?


hi @amanuel1 , welcome to MetaMask community.
Your celo and JMPT balances are both 0, paste your address into the Celo explorer to see if your tokens have been transferred to someone else’s address


Does my address mean my wallet account number?
As you can see on the last screenshot I attached, it shows that it transferred successfully to my account.

Yes, search your account on the Celo explorer to see all transactions associated with your account. Specially, check whether there is any unknown transaction that you have not approved.
The image you shared only shows the details for that specific transaction. We want to make sure that there is not any unwanted transaction in your account.


I searched for it and got this.

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hi @amanuel1 , the JMPT token is in your wallet, you probably imported the wrong contract address, so the balance is displayed as 0.
try this: 0x1d18d0386F51ab03E7E84E71BdA1681EbA865F1f

read this to learn how to add contract address, or you can find it on coingecko.

In addition, if you want to trade or transfer tokens, you also need the corresponding gas, which is Celo token.


Thank you so much, Crypto Currency complex is more than I thought. There are many concepts I should learn.
I was using BSC 'till now to withdraw from jmpt to MetaMask, and there was no such step, anyways I need to read some staff.

Now it’s showing up thank you, one final question can I send this to Binance Smart Chain using MetaMask?


Hey! We have a lot of Guides to help - scroll down on this page and you will see many options to choose from for articles from the MetaMask Knowledge base.


Thank you I will check it out, meanwhile can you please tell me how can I send the current jmpt value on Celo to my BNB blockchain jmpt? I tried to use the contract address on Binance smart chain to send it from Celo, but it shows an error saying that I have no enough balance on Celo.

hi. you need to solve 2 problems

  1. Gas is required for transactions on the blockchain, such as eth of Ethereum, MATIC of polygon, bnb of BSC, celo of celo chain…that is to say, you need some celo in your wallet. You can buy it from exchanges and send it to your address. Since the celo chain requires very little gas, 1 celo can be used for a very long time.

  2. There are two ways to transfer celo assets to BSC
    A. Find a bridge to support the transaction, which may or may not exist.
    B. Transfer your assets back to the exchange, and then choose the BSC chain(if it supports BSC chain) when withdrawing. I recommend this approach.


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