Linea Testnet: RPC error formatting


  • MetaMask Version: 10.28.2
  • User Agent: Google chrome Version 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Steps to reproduce

  1. I transfered ETH from my account to another account. The transaction was pending.
  2. After 24 hr, I Clear activity and nonce data in MetaMask.
  3. I try to interact with Linea network by using: Hop and Uniswap

Expected Behaviour

Both dapp should be display like the successful or fail tx.

Actual Behaviour

Both dapp display the error

  • Hop error: An RPC error occurred. Please check your wallet network settings are correct and refresh page to try again.
  • Uni error: Transaction 26 faied! [ethjs-query] wile formatting outputs from RPC


*Error from MM

My network RPC:


Have you tried manually removing and adding the Linea testnet network ?
Have you tried manually increasing gas costs ?


Hi, thank you for your reply. Now I have the solution.


  • [ethjs-query] wile formatting outputs from RPC ← This error’s hint about gas limit.
  • Multiple pending transactions. ← I am trying to increase gas cost but still pending because of blocked tx.

Solution : NONCE + GAS

  • Customize NONCE to clear pending transaction and
  • Increase gas limit by turn on 'Advanced gas controls.
    *you must apply both method at the same issued transaction to solve this : )

Ref: Both

Good luck to all of you having this problem :relieved:.


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