Lost Adress [Adress Unknow]

I recently got Trezor One and signed up normally, spent some funds and made transactions without any problems; Yesterday, I tried to make an investment and I was unsuccessful when trying to withdraw money from Metamask, giving the Error “Unknown Adress”;
I tried to retrieve it through Trezor, through Metamask itself, and in neither case do I retrieve the address I used and had my funds on; I’ve seen some posts on the forum with people with similar issues claiming to be a Metamask bug and I need to help with that. Here are some screenshots to explain my problem.

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I had the same problem. I can’t send any asset from my trezor metamask address to another address. The confirmation screen appears, just like the gas one, but when it’s finished, nothing happens and we are given this message “ERROR Unknown address ERROR”.

Hi guys. Thank you for reporting this. Can you help to open a support ticket via the support link on your extension and share your state log with us?

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Guys, for me, I figured out what the problem was. I don’t know if it applies to you but this happened in my case because when validating the trezor, I put a different passphrase from the one I had done previously. And it was just a tiny letter, it already counts for not allowing transactions. Here’s a great explanation of how pass phrases work on trezor. He follows :

What is this and how does it work?

A [ passphrase ] as implemented in Trezor is an advanced feature which can be used to protect your accounts . When this feature is enabled, your Trezor device asks you to enter a secret phrase in addition to your numeric [PIN] every time you connect your device.

When you enter a passphrase, your Trezor combines the already existing randomness of your [recovery seed] with your own chosen input and computes a new wallet .

**Information taken from the trezorio blog. One of Trezor’s official channels.

You need to connect your trezor with the same passphrase to continue making transactions.
Hope this helps! \o/

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