Lost coins no one from support returning my emails

Opened up a metamask wallet on google chrome extension, copied the wallet address from metamask and transferred coins from binance, the coins showed up in the metamask wallet. I was working on another program which asked me to close all extensions which I did. I then went back to open up the metamask wallet all the coins were gone and the wallet address had changed.

I have emailed support got some generic email back saying you need to add a custom RPC have gone through the motions but that did not work either

I have emailed support twice now with no response what so ever just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and managed to find the solutions seeing as customer support seems to be non existent on this platform and from what I have seen there are many people with the same issue……

Same experience here. I’ve “lost” some CAKE tokens whilst using BSC and having followed all the instructions online. Submitted two support requests (21/08/21 and 24/08/21) with detailed explanation and screenshots via the metamask.zendesk portal but other than an automated replied I have had no other feedback or support, as yet. Support ticket is showing as “open” but that’s it so far. Not sure how best to escalate to get a response…?!