Lost funds help please

So a few days ago I used meta swap to purchase public network and loom, long story short something occurred with my computer and had to hard reset

Good thing I had my 12 word recovery phrase along with the email I used , I download meta mask and “recovered” account through seed phase I put the 12 words in no commas “ Everything seemed to work just fine and then went into my account empty balance and a different ETH address I’m beyond confused …

I recovered my account with the seed phase

I even went on etherscan cause I signed up on there too and nothing seems to be making sense

I checked my address of my meta mask account and the public network and loom funds seem to still be there and no recent transactions …

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @charles00!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Did you check out the Knowledge Base article regarding this issue? If not, please do so and try the solutions found there.

If these solutions do not work, please let us know.

I have similar problem used seedphrase but have been givin a new wallet address

Have you retrieved your account? I am having the same issue can you pls help

same problem. now solution ever given. funds lost even though I am 100% certain i have correct seed phrase