Metamask address is personal or platform

Hi ,

I mistaken transfer token to exchange and I am request exchange to return back to metamask wallet.(Binance smart chain)
The exchange support mentioned the address i given is actually a platform wallet, not personal wallet.

I quite confusing…i thought the wallet address created using metamask supposedly is a personal public wallet address? I need some one help to confirm for me.

Hi @yaansin. Welcome to the community page!

On the Ethereum network, there are 2 kinds of addresses : Public address (personal wallets) and Smart Contracts. Please keep in mind that some public addresses can be linked/tagged as exchange addresses. Smart contracts refer to Token Contracts or other kinds of Smart Contracts with which you can interact with and get a specific output.

MetaMask can create only Public addresses, not Smart Contracts.
Could you let me know what is the public address that was created for you?