Metamask and HEX stake problem

I bought ETH, sent it to Metamask Wallet and bought HEX via Uniswap. Then, following the instructions on the HEX site, as well as watching a lot of video tutorials on the subject, I wanted to steak HEX from a Metamask wallet. Something for 1 year, something for 15 years for my retirement.

In the HEX website and in the Metamask wallet, I confirmed the transaction for HEX steak. There are still two activities in this wallet, as a HEX is steak??? Well, from the history on the HEX page, I can see that my HEX in its entirety, that part I confirmed and the one I didn’t, went to the HEX page. From there, however, HEX moved on??? This was happening on day 615 (8.8.2021). That’s when the transaction started and didn’t be confirmed until day 620 (13.8.2021), when HEX completely disappeared from my wallet. Metamask answered to me in general what I was supposed to do wrong. But I didn’t.

I never gave anyone my passwords or seed phrases.

I have the safest antivirus program Nod32.

I don’t reply to weird emails, I always immediately mark them as spam and delete them. Never open them.

If someone invites me to enter my data, I do not enter it and I always prefer to wait for official help.

I don’t play games. I don’t watch movies. No download programs.

Most of the time I don’t use my mobile phone and I always have WIFI and mobile data turned off. I rarely turn them on if I really need to.

I don’t have time for social media and I’m rarely there. It was only now that I had a problem with HEX that I started communicating.

I use mature strong passwords.

I have to say I did the same action for HEX stake last year and I still have this steak on HEX till December this year. Why didn’t it suffocate this time? This is a problem of Metamask and also HEX. I believe they both have a bug that left me completely without a few years of investment.

Now there is my another question. I will no longer use the old Metamask from which HEX disappeared. I wonder how I can do without Metamask of with the other new Metamask wallet when I get HEX steaks from the HEX site to the Ledger Nano S