Metamask blank UI on Firefox after power outage

Firefox has a notorious issue which has been present for at least 3 years, but developers have refused to fix. It’s when clicking the Metamask extension icon on Firefox, the UI is completely blank white & nothing can be done about it.

In the past, this has happened to me before, but disabling/enabling the extension fixed it. Lately I had a power outage which force restarted my computer, and now the extension is permanently white it seems.

I thought I had my passphrase written down (I had 2 phrases from different metamask accounts), but it seems like its for a different account. My main issue with this bug is that I had dozens of different wallets saved under this account, all with lots of customization & tokens added etc. I have NOT uninstalled anything at this point, and if this white screen issue is able to be resolved, I should have my settings back. I would prefer this over anything.

But in any case, is there a way to recover my Vault from firefox? Because it seems like its impossible. The code they tell you to run in the console DOES NOTHING if this UI bug is present - it just returns nothing. And the guide for how to find the vault in the browser cache or files or whatever is NOT shown for Firefox, only Chrome.

What can I do? Am I just fucked due to a bug that has never been patched in the 3 years since it was first reported? I’m pretty pissed off, please let me know if theres anything I can do here. Willing to pay as well to get this done, as even if I can get my pass phrase back, it doesnt account for the tens of hours of work Ill have to do to getting my accounts renamed//coins added back//different networks, etc. What a complete mess

I’ve opened a zendesk ticket for you so that we can assist further.

Hello was there ever any fix on this?

hi was there any resolution here? i am in a similar boat and need to recover my Vault from Firefox. please help