Firefox Vault access

Hi i am in need of desperate help please

I am encountering the white screen of death in my Metamask extension on Firefox and the backup seed phrase I thought I had for this wallet was wrong - so i need to urgently recover my vault file from Firefox on Macbook

the only instructions i can find (how to use vault decryptor instructions on Metamask website) doesnt work for me as when following those steps it just loads another white screen in the browser window.

In that window if i right click to view console i also cant type any commands in, it just says "Content Security Policy - the page settings blocked the loading of a resource at eval’

please let me know if there is anything else i can do here

note - i have not uninstalled/reinstalled Metamask on Firefox so I’m hoping I still have all the original wallet info somewhere in a system folder.

i have got as far as finding and backing up a folder called ‘moz-extension+++ ____________’ which includes a .sqlite file , would this be of any help?

thank you in advance

one other interesting observation
~ when i go to Uniswap in Firefox the page doesnt load. its just the background and no buttons / forms

~ going to uniswap on Chrome where i installed the new Metamask profile works fine though.

so for whatever reason on Firefox i cannot access my Metamask extension or load Uniswap’s page properly.

I also tried Opensea and a few other sites i regularly connect my Metamask to and they do not work with Firefox anymore (although pages load fully unlike Uniswap)

update is I’ve managed to enter the below into the console but it didnt return any data‘data’, result => {
var vault =

i have also backed up my ‘moz-extension’ folders that were in the Firefox storage folder, how do i go about deciphering the files in here to access what i need for the Vault Decryptor website?

any help would be very appreciated

thanks again

Did you ever get any luck with this? The instructions to get the vault do not seem to work for firefox as it assumes it is a chrome based browser. What was the sqllite file named that you found?