Can't unlock wallet. Metamask Firefox extension has stopped working


When i click MetaMask extension icon then the small window with black background and orange spinning wheel opens. The white unlock page does not appear at all. Only the orange wheel is spinning. It’s stuck. I can’t unlock my wallet since i can’t enter my password.

Firefox browser, Mac OS. All are updated to the latest version.

I restarted Firefox, restarted computer, cleared cache. Nothing works.

And yes, i do not have recovery phrase for this wallet. Out of all my the wallets this is the only one i do not have recovery phrase written down for. I was 100% sure i had it and i feel very stupid right now. I do have a password for this wallet.

Can somebody help me please? Why doesn’t the white MetaMask unlock window just open like it has always done?

Thank you!

hey. Disable and then enable it in the extension management interface. Will this help?

If not, please contact the support team.

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


Yes, i tried to disable and enable the MetaMask extension but it didn’t work.

I was able to open the ticket. Hopefully i can get some help with this problem soon.
Will post it also here if i get a solution. I know it’s possible to do vault extraction and decryption but i already ran into a problem.

Thank you!


Hi @hhhh4444 what problem? Write me on my telegram nick. I have it in my profile: Profile - Luigi - MetaMask :face_with_monocle: I’ll look into it.


When i enter this command:‘data’, result => {
var vault =

I get this error:

Inaccessible under scuttling mode

Yeah :neutral_face: this command is currently not working.

First step you have to take :point_down: type in the browser: about:support

open the Profile folder :point_up_2:

in this folder open the storage folder :file_folder:

and in the storage folder :file_folder: open the default folder

now type in the browser: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox


look for the Internal UUID :point_up_2: in the default folder

file you are looking for looks like this :point_down: file with a number


and this file contains MetaMask vault data



I’m using Mac but i was able to find the file next to the journals folder. 3727 file is a really long text file and some of the letters look strange. Do i need a different program on Mac to open this file and then locate the line that starts with " {“data”: " to get the vault data ?

It seems to be correct file. 3727 is in the folder that has my Internal UUID in the name.

I also mention that I’m a average computer user. I really don’t know anything about these things. I can follow instructions and do copy/paste and that’s it.

Sometimes this file can be encrypted… that’s why I wanted you to write to me on my telegram. I can look at it and decrypt text it for you in 5-10 minutes and you don’t have to worry about it.
I’m not a hacker with my computer for 250 euros :smile:
and then you can create a new MetaMask wallet and move everything there.

If you see a lot of special characters :point_right: :musical_note:, :arrow_right:, € … the file is encrypted.
Do you see any special characters behind the word data?


If it doesn’t look like this :point_up_2: it’s okay
and you can follow this guide :point_down: Manual extraction method

PS: when you can’t find the word :point_right: data try searching: Keyring or salt


For some reason some of my replies need to be approved. Here is a screenshot of the reply I sent to you 6h ago that is still awaiting approval:

Yeah telegram is a forbidden word :slightly_smiling_face: because it’s used by scammers
but I’m a MetaMask guide :smiley: I’ll edit the file in a few minutes and send it back to you.
Then use it in MetaMask Vault Decryptor and you can move your eth and other tokens away.


I’m going to wait what kind of answer i get from the MetaMask support. They asked me bunch of extra info and hopefully they get back to me soon.

There is a post on Reddit with the same issue but with Brave browser. Seems it’s a common issue and it was fixed with an update.

My MM version is 11.7.5. Looks like the newest version is 11.9.0 but i can’t update mine. Maybe i can it working if i can update to 11.9.0.

Firefox has the current version 11.7.5 :smiley: see if you have any .sqlite file there
these files may also contain MetaMask Vault Data


Yes, there is a .sqlite file.
Can you please tell me how do i open it?

Maybe a text editor will be enough or try Sublimetext:

If the text in Sublimetext looked like this:

Click on File → Reopen with Encoding → UTF-8
At this point, you can search for “vault” and find the data you need.
When you don’t see many special characters there :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the instructions! I did all that but looks like all files are encrypted. And still waiting reply from the support.

OK :slightly_smiling_face: when support doesn’t give you advice.
Contact me on telegram: Telegram: Contact @Luigi_SK
I will have work for 5 minutes :grin:


Support gave me a link to one of your much longer tutorials how to find the vault data. (it doesn’t allow post links here)

I was able to find the beginning of my vault data searching word Keyr
But there is only the beginning of the vault data starting with {“data”}:
There is no ending bracket } or word “salt” just a lot of numbers and letters and some special characters. No spaces.

It seems there is only 1 part of the vault data. Is it still possible to decrypt it if there is no ending bracket }?
Or is my file corrupted or something?


Hi @hhhh4444 hmm MetaMask support recommends my post :smiley: I am glad :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Contact me on Telegram :slightly_smiling_face: trust me a little.
I checked 2 such files this week. One of them was a little corrupted (but it was possible to fix it)
and the second file was fine.
If you don’t trust Telegram, you can upload it to the encrypted cloud
and I’ll tell you my opinion :smile: diagnostics is free hehe


I was able to recover my wallet thanks to Luigi! :pray:
So, if anybody has similar problem he may be able to help you too!


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Luigi is just a good repairman :smile:
hehe if I know :mechanic: I’m happy to correct.


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