Read Metamask vault Firefox binary file

How to read/convert this file to correct/readable characters?

I found the file on my Firefox profile and that’s the only way I can get my wallet back.

$500 for you if you can help me to get my vault data back.

When this file is key :roll_eyes: install metamask on another pc
delete metamask extension files and replace with this

I’ve tried that. But when I tried to open Metamask the same thing happened again. White screen.

rizkiangga666 that’s wrong :slightly_frowning_face:

I send you private message :pen:

Hi @rizkiangga666 did you end up figuring it out? I have the same issue now and cannot figure out how to get the binary

Is there anyway you could help me get ahold of my meta mask im having the same problem. I found the vault data its just got a bunch of weird characters in it.

Did you ever fix this?