Metamask BNB suddenly disappeared

I have 3.6BNB from my account on my metamsk acc. Then all of a sudden it went 0. There are two transactions of the same address that happened in my account.

My account: 0x8C256000B9fBB7dfee4744dBC073c7Dd463781F1
Recepient’s account: 0x01408311dc71cA5FAa41F027c09c5D717705E973

I didn’t do this transaction. Please help!


It’s seems that
Is the stealer and funds are all in there.
If you were not you transferring your funds it means you’re hacked and funds are lost.
Discontinue to use this wallet and open a new one

How to open a new account and link this to my other games?

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I’m afraid my friend that you loose all accounts linked to the spammed address. I’m not an expert of dApp games, so I don’t know if inside the game settings there is the possibility to move your gains to another wallet, but I can tell you that I loose Pancake NFT for ever, due to the same. I’ll forward you the Metamask guidelines for spammed account. Good luck

Hi there,

We apologize that this happened to you as this is something we would never want to happen to any of our users. We encourage you to analyze your browser history and scan your computer to eliminate any further breaches of information. If you discover any suspicious phishing websites please notify us so we can prevent this from happening to other users in the future. If you have any further information after your own investigation please let us know.

We also recommend following this process with Etherscan to track the addresses that your funds were sent to, so you can see if the funds make it to any sort of centralized exchange (and proceed with law enforcement to get them frozen). Examples of centralized exchanges would be Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Kucoin, etc.

You can use the notification system on etherscan

  1. Create an account

  2. k “Watch list”

  3. Click “Add”

  4. Enter the address you want to track

  5. Enter what you want to be notified for: “incoming, outgoing txns…”

  6. Click “Continue”

You should now receive email notifications for any transactions at the addresses added to your watchlist.


  1. install MetaMask on another browser (or create another profile on your current browser of choice), or create a new account from a fresh download of the mobile app.

  2. when asked, create a new Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase

  3. write it down and store it someplace safe

  4. go back to the compromised account and send funds to the newly created account

  5. discontinue using the old account as soon as possible.

  6. report the theft to your local authorities

I regret to inform you that unfortunately we can’t reverse or restore any transactions on your account, nor can we edit your Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase phrase on your current account.

I have the same problem. But how can I have a balance in BNB and withdraw my coins? Don’t have any base currency exchange services? Besides not having any help for users, do I simply lose everything linked to my account?

Can you provide a bit more context and detail about the issue you’re experiencing?