Metamask closes on login in attemp

Some time ago I tried to link my mobile MetaMask wit some other service or website, cannot remember, but it closed itself then and since that day every time I enter password and try to login MetaMask closes. Is there any way to fix this without resetting the wallet?

hi @Daniel69 ,welcome to MetaMask community.
Is your APP the latest version?
If not, upgrade it to the latest version. maybe it works.

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It is the latest version, last update did not fix it.

Hey @Daniel69, please reach out to MetaMask Support.

  • Visit :

  • Click the large blue “start a conversation” bubble in the upper middle of page, looks like this:

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


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