MetaMask error, transaction still successful

We are building a web3 app with Wallet Connect and we’re getting an “Oops Something Went Wrong” message during minting on Rinkeby, but the transaction is still successful. Only happens on iPhone. I’m not the dev, but I’m trying to help troubleshoot this issue we’re having. If someone could point me in the right direction here I’d appreciate it.

Hey @xtiaan, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Can you share a screenshot of the error message? Also the version of iPhone and MetaMask?

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Hi there!

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iPhone 8+ Metamask 5.1.1

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Thanks for sharing!

Can you create an issue for it on GitHub, along with the steps to reproduce and the transaction hash of your successful transaction when this error message comes up?

Thank you!


Thanks for the input. Let me chat to the dev and get that happening.


Hi @nakedwinnie I posted on GitHub - No response. Any ideas what to do now? Really need some direction here, as when a user sees this ominous warning from MetaMask, it will create confusion - github . com/MetaMask/metamask-mobile/issues/4446

you must disconnect the metamask with the dapp.or the transtion problbly go on

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Hey @xtiaan ,

I’d give a couple more days for response, the weekend just ended and I’m betting there may be some reviews incoming. I’ll keep my eye on this too!

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