Metamask extension accounts HACKED w/o keys?

Do you mean Metamask is okay if it is linked to a hardware wallet? All defi seems to require hot wallets, it’s hard to know how to avoid them.


Same happened to me. I wrote many comments on this thiefs adress and asked hin to give my money back. He did. I was surprised.


What did you say to the hacker and where did you leave the comments? I was hacked recently as well :frowning:

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Type in the etherscan site this

Im Givemymoneyback

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Same happened to me.

Hacker addresses are:

@Metamask you can help by blocking those addresses


Hi all.

I would also like to know WTF is going on here?

I was in the process of purchasing a NFT from OpenSea but the Gas prices where through the roof so I had to cancell my transaction.

The next morning I woke up and my balance was withdrawn to an unknown address.

I would also like to know how this is possible?

A lot of the new sites require you to join Discord to become part of their project.
Furthermore they require you to link your Metamask with to verify your address. Also to be able to send you NFTs if you won any in one of their giveaways.

Could this be an exploit?

I have sent a message to the account as well and have reported it to Metamask Helpdesk.


Just to add: I am in no means a wealthy individual. In contrary I live in a third world country, have lost my permanent employment due to the Covid 19 pandemic so this was some of my hard earned savings money to try and build up a Crypto and NFT Profile because I love this space.

But now I’m not so sure anymore.

Is there anything else I can perhaps do?


The same thing just happens to me yesterday , couldn’t sleep all night . I see on meta mask there is nothing they can do lost 4500 in eth and collectibles . I filled out a police report . Please if somone has any advice .


Yah same thing happened to me just now, just transferred to my metamask wallet to transfer to ronin and guess what happed…i got no freakin balance, as in 0 cent…wtf is happening, its not even showing on the activity list!!!

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Same thing happend to me yesterday . Did u go to open sea and enter seed phrase ? There was a fake site I must have clicked yesterday . And when I entered my seed phrase , hrs later 4500 worth of art and eth gone . I’ve submitted police reports , tickets to both meta and open sea . If anyone has a real way we can get our funds back . I am taking to somone on upwork to see if they can help .


To the hacker that has stolen my funds. $50,000 approx.
BSC - 1454 Cake = $28500 BUSD $3443 USDC $1343 Safemoon $2984

I am currently in lockdown and have no income.
Please do the right thing and return ASAP

0x65a4cA84dAC38Ae67564757BA286a6E3644609E6 - Wallet with stolen funds. BSC
0x65a4cA84dAC38Ae67564757BA286a6E3644609E6 - Wallet with stolen funds ETH

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Think you’re right. KMS exploit was their vector to access. Thanks for your input.

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same here, what is metamask doing, where is the security of this wallet, I have never had problems with brookers like coinbase or binance.
very sad, I will never use metamask again

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i got hacked as well. im pregnant, and the money in metamask is all for my child
this sent me to a major crisis mode
so hackers, you will get your karma for doing this. GLuck with your pathetic lives

How to get funds back?

I believe I did this same mistake yesterday as Metamask told me to setup my account on the computer to fill in request about limit. I only had it on my iphone before and did not want to set it up on the computer because of safety.

After that I lost all my tokens on the account.

I installed a Metamask extension from Google chromes shop and of course thought it was correct as it is in their store.

What should I do now?

I have removed all of the extensions in both Chrome and Edge

Should I change recovery phrase?

Is that possible?

Here is the one who stole mine ILV
Why are @Metamask not doing anything!!!
This is really serious!!!
They must catch these guys or pay everyone back!!!
Waiting for answer from the support.
Probably via Metamask on google chrome. Which they have known about for long time.
Are @metamask involved???
Really bad!!!

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Seriously doubt it’s metamask from google chrome or else there’d be a lot more people upset and google would have pulled compromised app by now.

I think more likely your desktop computer was compromised by keylogger so installing metamask on desktop google chrome allowed thieves to snipe access to your wallet, like what’s been reported previously on this thread.

Metamask isn’t responsible if you were compromised by a keylogger.

Mine was hacked in late June. Nothing from MM but “sorry” and call the police. Hack didn’t come from key logging as some here are suggesting. Fact is MM security is a POS. Now to add insult to injury to move my collection to another wallet I am required to do each piece individually paying gas fees.
I am tracking my hacker’s transactions on Etherscan but not sure what more I can do.

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Track his wallet. You could try posting messages on his etherscan page’
I have heard of some hackers having an attack on their conscience and returned stolen funds. I’m going through the same and trying to negotiate with my hacker. $50K
It’s a long shot but stranger things have happened.


Damn! Mine is pennies compared to you. Have you tried Blockcyper to track where the ETH went? Paste the transaction number and it will show more details. I am not quite sure how to do it but if you can find a BTC address you can look up on Bitcoin who’s who .com

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Check and make sure you didn’t try to restore your account on or visit MM .COM. also if you reloaded the Chrome extension from the .COM website.

It should be .IO not .COM

If you did they stole your info there.

It happened to me and metamask hasn’t done anything