MetaMask is crashing

it’s been 12 hours since I can’t buy and sell on my MetaMask account, the transaction keeps loading and doesn’t complete the operation
I tried on Pancakeswap and poocoin and was not successful

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The connection has timed out

Remix failed to connect to metamask, timeout

It’s been like this for days

Please post in proper sections.

Have you tried closing a reloading the app/browser? I will usually give the phone/computer a restart too, JIC something is funky on the browser.

Next step would be backing up each of your Secret Recovery Phrases (each account will have its own. Imported accounts as well)
Then uninstalling and reinstalling the app/extension.

If its still not loading as expected at that point. A screenshot of what its loading to would help.

Most likely unrelated. Please start a new topic (in the correct section, please) with the specifics of your situation.

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