Metamask MTM native token, it this true?

I saw in a group on Telegram, it says MetaMask just launchs its native token named MTM, at contract: 0xe934392eb21603cb664a721732be78d58c6cad41
Is MTM the native token of MetaMask? Would you please help confirm?

Many thanks!

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As a general rule: dont beleive anything Metamask related that you hear on telegram. The vast majority of it is a scam.

MTM is Metatrium, an BNB smart chain token. No relation to Metamask or Consensys.

If we ever do make a Metamask token, it will be a very public announcement, not a discussion in a shady telegram chat.


Thank you, Hiro ! it turns out that MTM is the scam one

I love the skepticism. It will serve you well in web3. There’s an incredibly cool world of things you can do with crypto. Just need to avoid the scammers.

We don’t have the ability to do a full security analysis of every project out there (500k+ tokens on just Ethereum). But we’re happy to help where we can.


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