Missing BabyPunks on EthereumMainnet

I bought some BPunks tokens when they used to be traded on Ethereum network (Ethereum mainnet). They are no longer available. I think the token moved to Solana Blockchain. Anyone who can help get them back?

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Hello, did you transfer it yourself? If yes, you can provide your transaction hash. We will analyze it for you and try our best to help you find it.

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Hello @Tksly ,
I did not transfer them anywhere. They do not appear in my wallet.
Here is my address;

Hello, your token is still in your address. Just add the contract address of the token to your address.


How did you transfer them from eth to the sol blockchain? through wormhole? Or by other meteods? You can send the transaction hash to see

Hello @Mong and welcome to MetaMask community.

As @Tksly suggested above, please add the contract address of the token to your wallet, your tokens are still in there. You can get the address for the token from CoinMarketCap.
Also, follow only the official channels of the respective token, so you avoid getting drawn into any scams. Do not ever share your private keys or Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.


Thanks so much @Tksly and @Chinzilla for your kind support. I got my BPunks back.
One more thing, the tokens moved to Solana Blockchain. Does this mean I can’t trade them while they are still on Ethereum network? If Yes, how can I move them to Solana Blockchain.

Thanks again.


Your token can still be traded in uniswap at present, and you do not need to cross the chain to Solana chain

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