Missing Funds from Ronin Wallet to Metamask Wallet

Hi All! I have transferred from my Ronin Wallet to my Metamask Wallet.
My Ronin Wallet has 0 balance now as the transfer was succesful.
However, after one day, the funds still does not appear in my Metamask Wallet.

Has anyone encountered the same issue and can anyone help?

My Ronin Address : ronin:574281e97aec0f679599537744fd263ac1a06f3d
My Metamask Address: 0x574281E97aEC0f679599537744fD263Ac1a06f3D

Transaction reference: 0xeea9ddb4e2e2cd960ab7b6a4e6cf8cc1f428e7ff0cb15586f1820d4365547a2c

Same thing happened to me today.

Ronin transaction hash: 0xd7259334d41be9348a198b15446f15243fea335f09bba0175efccac2783ed0f3

Metamask transaction hash: 0x18f72edf21cb809dfa954cdc090ec9dd458ffa748d8ef38b36788ce94a2b4266