Missing KCS withdrawal through the KCC network

I made a KCS withdrawal through the KCC network, the transaction number is: 0x8676c9b0c85204387e84d83a8bf3bd617405a9ff08f6f33ec00bff27c81dbd19, but I have not yet received. In ByBit, it tells me that I must send KCS through the ERC-20 network and I don’t know which MetaMask uses, the fact is that has not reached its destination wallet.
What i can do ?


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It sounds like Bybit does not support KCS deposits through the KCC network. You’ll have to reach out to Bybit to see if there’s anything they can do to help you retrieve your KCS.


Deposits and withdrawals are available through the Ethereum network :sneezing_face: you use KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)

Now it is lost :roll_eyes: but maybe in the future they will add KuCoin Community Chain for KCS and then you will see your tokens.