MM on ETH mainnet showing MATIC usd values

Like others have mentioned here & on Reddit after interacting with BSC bridge and then seeing Metamask ETH mainnet prices display in BSC –

I used MATIC bridge and ever since, even after connecting back to ETH mainnet, USD equivalent prices are using MATIC for base value (instead of ETH)

So for instance: 0.0754 ETH balance is showing as worth $0.12 USD value (since MATIC price of $1.50 is being used as the conversion value, as opposed to $2400 ETH price)

This also applies to gas fees. Now everytime I interact with ETH contracts, the total value is displaying as just a few cents (since the gwei conversion is defaulting to MATIC price rather than ETH)

I have an image to post but new users not allowed to?

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