MM Wallet Network issues


All of my networks added on MM except for the ether network have question marks.
Andromeda, Cronos Network, Moonriver, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon and BSC.
Ive have 6 queued transactions on AVA for couple of days which usually never happens with AVA and cant seem to cancel them. Polygon network fails transactions for some reason. Ether still works though.

As well as BSC each time I switch to this network my AVAST antivirus notifies me of phishing warning coming from google. I cant access any of my investments on BSC, so Ive stayed away from here and thought Id ask the question and see if anyone knows whats going on or had similar experiences.


Hey! I’m going to share various info I can find, not positive if any will work but thought it might help?

Found this on Reddit -

I had to manually connect my accounts to the BCS Network (?). Click on the three vertical dots on Metamask to the right of the Account name. Att he bottom it will say “Connected Sites.” You can connect manually.Worked !!!

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If you would like, you can submit a ticket to the MM support team here with the issue: and click Start a Conversation

Screenshot 2022-02-15 082305

A live chat box window will then automatically appear on your screen where you may contact the support team.

This is through MetaMask Zendesk and not a DM or email or anything else.

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