My account metamask is locked

The wallet has been locked and needs to be unlocked for further operation!

this is happening on my own wallet, i can’t connect to any platform. I sent an Email to Metamask but still have not received any response.

Why are you locked in? Is your place a restricted area?


Do you have a screenshot you can post ?

I’m in Vietnam, everything here is working properly. My biggest question right now is why am I locked out for unknown reasons

You say you are locked out of Metamask. Could it be this password you have to enter, when you say you are locked out ?


I’m trying to post an image here, but it doesn’t work. login password, that’s not the problem I’m having, I’m locked out of my wallet.

something is going wrong when i send pictures through this place….

Can you explain in further detail how you are not able to access your wallet?

A locked wallet means that you will need to enter your password in to enter your MetaMask wallet.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Please check my email sent to you. Those pictures I sent attached. I appreciate what you guys are trying to solve for me. but everything is not. I can still login my wallet normally, but connecting to DEX platforms is not possible.

None of our emails are publicly available and I will only communicate with you on this forum, if you are in contacted someone through email it is likely not an official staff member.

You can send your screenshots here on this forum now. If you are having trouble connecting to DEX platforms, try disconnecting and connecting your wallet again. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:


this is what i encountered

Hi @Lynntr I see you are using Math Wallet Extension :upside_down_face: this wallet must be closed
and you only need to be logged in to your MetaMask wallet

Or use the MetaMask wallet on your Firefox browser :slightly_smiling_face:


Omggg, this is something I didn’t think of. Thank you so much for this support.


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