My wallet has been compromised via metamask

Hi, I have woke up this morning to learn that my wallet has been compromised and the contents stolen… seems there’s a few people effected and the investigations are leading to a vulnerability through MetaMask browser… I’ve raised a police crime report and am looking to MetaMask to help me… please get in contact

My little fox wallet was stolen, too
Did you get it back

Nope… and no one from MetaMask was willing to help and investigate. I am confident that my wallet compromised via MetaMask… there are so many other reports that lead to this conclusion also. I had the police conduct an investigation but they couldn’t get support from some of these big companies and close the case.

Can you still get the coins back?

No, gone forever… unless MetaMask or the authorities want to help investigate… sadly that won’t likely happen…

Metamask’s wallet is useless
It hurts to lose your wallet

Have you ever sent an email to ask customer service for help

Yes, I got the authorities involved and I did most of the running around the big companies… MetaMask, Binance, Trust Wallet etc… I could even see where my money was I.e. which wallet it was transferred to… but no way to track that person down… the authorities eventually gave up and I couldn’t get th e big companies to ‘freeze’ that wallet to conduct an investigation…

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