My wallet has been emptied - one more case

just want to add another one case for investigation what might have happenned with some users’ metamask wallets.

My wallet was emptied 4 days ago. I’ve had liquidity pool on uniswap and zero balance in ETH on my metamask account. 4 days ago somebody topped up my ETH wallet (for paying commissions I suppose) then withdrawn my LP from uniswap and transfered all my funds away.

I never say/share/haven’t been compromised or fished my seed phrase. I used Brave extension for metamask and iOS application. I think that metamask has some vulnerabilities which some people can use. I demand and insist on a proper investigation what might have happened.

My last four transactions wasn’t mine. Address 0xc4b4fe2f78f82a9d7ea49ed46b9d7491e325eae9 | Etherscan

I don’t see that I’ve granted allowances to any suspicious site. you can see it at the following link or screenshot

I would be appreciated if somebody would help me to understand what was the reason of my lost or where I have made a mistake while I was using my wallet.

yea bro - look at this… the scammer is still going

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @foxkid!! :fox_face: :rocket:

I am very sorry to hear this happened. For your privacy & security, please continue to communicate with us via email. We’ll be glad to assist you further with investigating.

Thank you for your patience.