My wallet is connecting to the wrong harmony wallet?

Hi I had set up my wallet on the harmony one network and had everything working correctly for a couple days. I closed my browser then the next time I opened it I got an error that said something about it not being able to read some hash when I typed in my password (I sent an email to you all about it). I then closed the browser and re-opened it again and was able to get into my metamask wallet this time but my harmony stuff was all gone and now the link I have in my metamask wallet to the harmony wallet on their chain is some other empty wallet. Mochi swap can still see the ethereum in my wallet but metamask can’t. I will attach a screenshot

hmmm wow now it has showed up again this morning. Very strange. Any ideas on what caused this? You can lower the priority on this now as it is just curiosity now to avoid this in the future.

I would still like to know why mochi swap wont work however and it is greying out my confirm button.