My XYO is no longer in my MetaMask

I have 60,013.00 XYO hodl’d from my Coinapp that was sent to my MetaMask account last year. Upon logging back in this year with my seed phrase there is not even a spot for my XYO anymore.
Have there been changes and what do I need to do to get it back?
Is XYO no longer supported in MetaMask?
Support will not email me back. I have tried twice in the past couple months emailing them.

If you have the public address where your XYO are held, and it originated with your metamask seed phrase, please press “create account” until the account you are seeking restores. If you don’t know the account address you may want to open a support ticket with us to do a further deep dive. What are your ticket #'s that you opened in the past?

I think XYO is a custom token. You need to add the custom token to MetaMask on Coingecko.

To do that, click the Add to MetaMask button here: XYO Network price, XYO price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko